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What are the most important pillars for your business that you should be leveraging to increase customer satisfaction?

The answer to this question takes several steps:


What are the right questions to ask? Is the questionnaire too long, or are any key elements missing? What measurement scales should be considered? The questionnaire development stage is crucial in ensuring you capture your customers’ opinions precisely.

Most surveys today are conducted online, and a number of tools are available. Each web survey tool has its distinguishing features: ease-of-use; flexibility, server security, capacity…to name a few. The choice of survey tool depends on factors such as: users’ technical ability; questionnaire complexity; the number of respondents; the company’s need to personalize the questionnaire or send emails, etc.

The use of data analysis software package such as IBM SPSS Statistics allows you to optimize data management, calculation of weighting, the production of tables and advanced statistical analyses. With tracking surveys which will be sent out a number of times, the use of data analysis software saves you lots of time by automating your data analyses.

The overarching objective of survey-based research is to learn more about the key factors which influence the customer experience. Advanced statistical methods shed light on the relationships between the surveyed factors in order to identify what to leverage to maximize satisfaction.

Finally, a well-written report provides the insight to understand where the potential for improvement lies.

When every step of the survey process is conducted with precision, it guarantees the conversion of data into concrete actions that will improve satisfaction.

Find out how the experts at SolutionStat Inc. can help you at every step of your survey-based research projects:

Survey Management and Analysis

• Web survey programming
• Data collection and management
• Weighting
• Customized tables
• Strategic analyses