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IBM SoftLayer (Cloud)


SoftLayer is the most powerful cloud infrastructure on the market. A unique platform, it relies on data centres implanted worldwide, including Toronto and Montreal, and offers an exceptional range of options for cloud computing, then integrates and automates everything.

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Businesses today generate unprecedented amounts of data. Storing, processing, and extracting value from that data is no easy task. These unstructured (NoSQL) big data solutions demand scalable, powerful infrastructure.

With SoftLayer, build your big data solution on a cloud platform designed for performance. Completely customize your environment or get ahead of your competitors with recommended best-practices-based hardware configurations. Your custom big data infrastructure solution can leverage the exact amount of performance and scalability you want through servers and an advanced network.

Combine SoftLayer  and the IBM SPSS family of products


Get the power necessary for your most demanding analytical tasks, use SPSS on your SoftLayer server, and win at all levels! Get faster data processing and analysis and, therefore, a faster return on investment foryour analytics solutions, paying only for what you use. A practical solution that handles complexity for you and literally eliminates the costs of having an internal analytical infrastructure.

Combine SoftLayer with your choice of software solution!

SoftLayer offers a comprehensive range of software options from industry leaders (MySQL, Cloudera Hadoop, IBM Cloud Analytics, etc.) that are installed using each vendor’s best practices, and licensed and billed month-to-month with the rest of your solution.

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