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Environics Analytics provides very useful databases for your marketing analysis projects. You can use this information to, for example, build a population profile around a sales outlet, obtain information on the characteristics of the sectors your customers come from, or identify new markets. By combining this information with the information you already collect about your customers, you can improve the accuracy of your analyses and the predictive power of your models. SolutionStat can help you identify the most valuable data to acquire to obtain added value for your marketing analyses. As a distributor, we offer a full service for the purchase of your database. Contact us for more information.

Products Offered

Environics Analytics organizes data from different sources (surveys, inquiries, census…) in an easy-to-use format. These data provide information on Canadians at every geographical level and are updated annually.


Environics Analytics uses the census to build its databases. Demographic data for a given geographic location include the number of individuals and households, the average salary, household composition, age groups, etc.


Environics Analytics provides customer segmentation based on demographics as well as lifestyle. You can, therefore, group your customers into the segments which best correspond to their geographic location, lifestyle and behaviour.

Social Values

Environics Analytics Research conducts an annual national study to measure the motivations and social relationships of Canadians in order to better understand the mindsets of Canadians.

Financial Data

Environics Analytics’ financial databases contain information on assets, liabilities and net worth of Canadians, allowing you to better understand the financial behaviour of your customers.


Through partners who conduct population lifestyle surveys, Environics Analytics has constructed databases with a number of variables, available for a given geographic location. Information on radio and television consumption habits, mobile phone usage, internet and social media usage as well as a number of other lifestyle variables are available.


Environics Analytics has a vast amount of information on the location and characteristics of many companies. These data help to formulate strategic decisions such as the identification of a new market and marketing initiatives such as targeting potential customers.

Geographic Tools

Environics Analytics produces files of geographic data that are compatible with the most popular GIS software tools, to enable users to produce precise maps using their own data.


The experts at SolutionStat are available to meet you and advise you on the use of Environics Analytics. For more information or to request a quote, please contact us at