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IBM Watson Studio

An innovative and collaborative data analysis tool

IBM Watson Studio provides a collaborative environment to accelerate the integration of artificial intelligence into your business.

This software offers several benefits, including using your algorithms where your data is, increasing the productivity of data scientists, application developers and domain experts, and operationalizing the data science lifecycle from analysis to prediction and optimization.

The various tools offered in the platform, including Python, R and SPSS Modeler, allow you to accelerate and optimize your processes. Whether you need to analyze, visualize, cleanse and organize data, or create and train custom statistical or machine learning models, you can choose the tools that are right for you.

This software is suitable for hybrid multi-Cloud environments that require high performance, security and governance, as well as public or private Clouds, on-premises or desktop.

Find out how to build AI models with IBM Watson Studio

Build AI models with IBM Watson Studio

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