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IBM SPSS Statistics

A comprehensive and proven data analysis tool

Whether you want to perform rigorous statistical analysis or to start out in data science, this data analysis solution will meet your expectations. Fast, powerful, and user-friendly, it meets the standards of users with different needs and skill levels, from beginners to experienced analysts. Users come from, among others, private companies, government agencies, marketing research firms, research centres and universities.

The IBM SPSS Statistics family of products makes it easy and efficient for you to do all your data analysis work by enabling you to better manage, explore and model the information you collect.

In a single, integrated interface, perform descriptive statistics, regressions, advanced statistics and much more. Create graphs, tables, and decision trees ready to publish in minutes with a single tool.

In addition, specialized extensions provide enhanced SPSS syntax through R and Python integration.

PFor an overview of the software, to test a particular module, or to learn about certain functions, it is possible to download a trial version.

The download is fast and easy

Find out how to optimize your future by making better decisions now with IBM SPSS

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