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Survey Analysis Using IBM SPSS Statistics


This three days course reviews the standard methods that are used to analyze survey data, beginning with simple methods, such as crosstabulations, and moving toward the advanced, such as logistic regression. Appropriate methods of analysis are discussed for both categorical and continuous data. Also included are discussions of qualitative data analysis and the reporting and presentation of survey results.


Key Topics

  • The Logic of Survey Analysis
  • Data checking and data validation
  • Data transformations: create new variables
  • Testing for Reliability and Validity
  • Analyzing Categorical Variables
  • Analyzing Interval Variables
  • Analyzing Text Data
  • Reporting Survey Results for Categorical and Scale Data
  • Clustering Respondents
  • Multivariate Analysis using Regression Techniques
  • Special Issues : Missing Data
  • Special Issues : Complex Samples and Sample Weights
  • Measuring Change over Time with Surveys
  • Decision Tree Analysis

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