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Introduction to logor

General Description:

This workshop focuses on an efficient use of the R software environment and programming language. To do so, the RStudio integrated development environment (IDE) is used. The worksgraphique1hop focuses on the software environment itself, and not on developing data management or analysis skills.  Several lab exercises will allow participants to apply the information learned and practice the procedures presented during the workshop.

The main objectives of this training are (1) to introduce participants to the data management and analysis potential of R, its characteristics and its structure, and (2) to help
participants develop basic skills in data manipulation and analysis using R.

By the end of this workshop, participants will have a good working knowledge of R, which will allow them to perform basic data management and analysis procedures.


 Working knowledge of a spreadsheet or data analysis software is desirable.

Course Outline


Day 1 

General presentation of the R environment
  • R’s potential and capabilities
  • R packages
  • The R environment and its structure
  • Getting help
  • Introduction to RStudio
Creating in importing data
  • R objects
  • Importing external data
  • Types of variables
Data management and manipulation
  • Selecting observations and variables
  • Logical conditions
  • Transforming and recoding variables
  • Manipulating dates
  • Concatenation and fusion of datasets

Day 2 

A point-and-click alternative
  • Rcmdr
Functions for descriptive statistics
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Contingency tables
Simple data analysis
  • Correlations
  • Group comparisons (T-test and ANOVA)
  • Linear regression
Basic data visualization
  • Basic graphics (scatterplots, histograms, boxplots)
Exporting data
  • Exporting a dataset
  • Exporting toward a document

Additional Resources:

A list of references and other educational resources will be provided.