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IBM SPSS Statistics Syntax I




This one day course is an introduction to IBM SPSS Statistics syntax. Syntax is the command language that gives instructions to SPSS Statistics on how to modify, manage, and analyze your data. Syntax programs can be used to automate repetitive tasks and perform additional options that are not available in the dialog boxes. You will learn the rules of SPSS syntax, how to generate syntax from the dialog boxes, modify and optimize its use. The approach of the course will be that the dialog boxes and syntax are complementary.


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Key Topics

Why Syntax?

Working with Syntax

  • Generate Syntax from the GUI
  • The Syntax Editor
  • Managing Syntax (e.g., log syntax in the Viewer and/or a journal file, insert syntax from file)

Syntax for Reading and Saving Data

  • Read and save SPSS Statistics data files, ExcelTM files, text files, etc.

Syntax for Defining Variables

  • Variable and value labels, missing values, etc.

Syntax for Selecting Cases

  • Filter cases, copy selected to new dataset

Syntax for Transformations

  • Compute, Visual Binning, Recode

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