Master various statistical analysis techniques
Would you benefit from statistical training?


SolutionStat Inc. offers training, seminars and conferences covering various statistical analysis techniques. This training is primarily targeted towards the use of statistical software such as SPSS and SAS, logistic regression, ROC curves, correspondence analyses, etc.

Statistical Lab training

We offer many courses in statistics, from introductory to advanced levels, over one to two days. These courses are conducted in a laboratory with a limited number of participants, thus facilitating interaction and the use of practical exercises. Please consult our course list for more details.

Our programs are geared towards anyone who wishes to improve their statistical knowledge. Participants come from universities, research centres, government organisations and private companies. Whether you’re a private sector employee or a graduate student, our programs will provide you with practical tools to conduct your projects. We offer highly specialized classes at competitive rates.

Customized trainings

Are you a team of employees, students or researchers interested in statistical training or are you looking for training adapted to your needs? Upon request, we offer training for groups of up to 10 people or tutorials for 1, 2 or 3 participants. This approach allows us to customize our training to respond to your needs. These customized trainings can be conducted at your workplace (equipment required) or at our training facilities.

Contact us to find out more or to book your training.

Seminars and conferences

The statisticians from SolutionStat occasionally present at seminars and conferences. Consult our news section for information on our upcoming events.