Expertise  |  Statistics and Biostatistics

Statistics and Biostatistics


SolutionStat Inc. offers its statistical expertise to research centres, government organizations and the pharmaceutical industry. Given the high demand for specialists in this field, SolutionStat Inc.’s experts play a leading role by offering a variety of services:

  • Experiment planning (Methodology development / Experiment design)
  • Statistical power (to determine sample size)
  • Analyses of variance
  • Multiple linear regression and logistical regression
  • Complex analyses


SolutionStat Inc.’s consultants have made contributions to scientific presentations and publications. Moreover, they have conducted mandates requiring the application of complex analyses, such as :

  • Multilevel analysis
  • Recurrent events survival analysis
  • Multiple correspondence analysis paired with Clustering techniques
  • ROC curves (Receiver Operating Characteristic)
  • Decision Trees…
  • Etc.