Expertise  |  Geomarketing and Crime Mapping

Geomarketing and Crime Mapping


Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS), SolutionStat has developed an expertise in the fields of Geo-Marketing and Crime Mapping.


Geomarketing is a technological approach based on the combination of mapping and statistical data analysis. The advantage of this approach lies in the possibility of geographically mapping out a market, marrying information coming from various data sources: population census, consumer data, road network data, etc.


Where do my clients come from? Who are they? What is the best market for setting up a sales outlet and what is its potential? Where can I find clients who are identical to my target clients? How can I minimize cannibalization among my different stores? How is my market evolving?
If you’re looking for answers to these questions, we can help you, thanks to our Geo-marketing expertise!

Crime Mapping

SolutionStat combines statistical analysis with mapping techniques (GIS) in order to provide the necessary strategic information to support police efforts towards prevention, comprehension and management of crime. The cross-tabulation and analysis of data from different sources ( crime, population census, SAAQ (Quebec Licensing Authority), etc.) allows the identification of hotspots of criminal activity. Additionally, we can draw a portrait of criminalityin a given area as well as of the related emerging trends.

This approach allows the police to develop various strategies such as targeted patrols, prevention campaigns, as well as follow the movement of criminal activity across a given territory.

Thanks to our experience in crime-mapping, we can help you reap the full benefits from all of your available crime data