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SolutionStat Inc. was founded in 2010 and stems from a group of statistical experts. Our team of consultants has solid expertise, acquired through university training in statistics and data mining, combined with many years’ experience in the field of predictive analytics and business intelligence.

Our multidisciplinary team is at the cutting edge of market trends in data analytics, a field in demand and constantly evolving. SolutionStat’s consultants are talented, rigorous, passionate and always receptive to the needs of our loyal clients.

Jean-François Allaire, M. Sc., Statistician, associate  

Jean-François Allaire, M. Sc. is a founding member and Associate of SolutionStat. Jean-François is a professional consultant in statistics, data mining, big data and predictive analytics. He has over 20 years’ experience and renowned expertise in major sectors (marketing research, banking services, telecommunications, retail, healthcare, applied research and education). Jean-François holds a Master’s in Statistics (1997) from Université de Montréal.

A dedicated entrepreneur, astute and results-oriented, Jean-François has conducted numerous projects in customer and market segmentation, creation of predictive models, analysis of customer loyalty and retention, and biostatistics. He is the consummate consultant when it comes to the evaluation, choice and recommendation of predictive analytics solutions. Jean-François also has solid experience in the development of a wide range of training programs in statistical analysis, data exploration and predictive modeling, particularly with the help of IBM SPSS software tools.

Julie Meloche, M. Sc., Statistician, associate  

Julie Meloche, M. Sc., is a founding member and Associate of SolutionStat. Julie is an efficient and astute consultant with over 15 years’ proven experience in executing commercial database analyses across major business sectors (marketing research, banking, telecommunications, retail, healthcare, applied research and education). She has developed and implemented numerous predictive models across many companies and across various sectors, notably evaluation models of consumer credit risk, mortgages and for the credit card industry. Julie holds a Master’s in Statistics (2001) from the Université de Montréal.

Julie is also an exceptional trainer, she is responsible for our training programs in statistics and data mining and is a part-time lecturer at HEC-Montréal.

Marie-Christine Stafford, M. Sc., Statistician

Marie-Christine Stafford is a statistician and has been a member of the SolutionStat team from the company’s inception. Marie-Christine has vast experience in applied statistics for academic research. Her extreme rigour and diverse experience make her an outstanding collaborator. Moreover, Marie-Christine has expertise in highly specialized fields of statistics, such as meta-analysis. She has also conducted numerous projects in data mining for leading businesses. Marie-Christine completed her Master’s in Statistics in 2008 at Université du Québec à Montréal.

Christine Gamelin, B. Sc., Statistician  

Christine Gamelin is a statistician and Marketing Analytics specialist. Christine has vast experience in data analysis of loyalty programmes, in targeting, segmentation and pre/post evaluations of marketing campaigns. She excels equally in project management and in the development and monitoring of roadmaps. Her mastery of advanced analytics tools allows her to extract deep-lying trends and provide solid strategic recommendations. Christine holds a Bachelor’s in Mathematics and Statistics (1999) from Concordia University and a Certificate in Marketing Management from HEC-Montreal (2005).

Guillaume Gingras, B. Sc., Survey and research consultant  

Guillaume Gingras is a Sociology graduate and has solid expertise in surveying, social research and marketing. He has vast experience in the development of conceptual frameworks, in survey management and quantitative and qualitative analysis. Always up-to-date with the latest trends, Guillaume will advise you on all your survey needs. Versatile and a critical thinker, Guillaume is specialized in all steps of the survey process, from planning, to data collection and field management (telephone, web, face-to-face), to analysis and presentation of results, bringing a unique perspective across a variety of projects. Guillaume holds a Bachelor’s in Sociology (2016) from the Université de Montréal.

Mylène Teasdale, M. Sc., Statistician  

Mylène Teasdale is a statistician, specializing in data exploration (data mining, big data), predictive analytics, cognitive analytics and text analytics. Mylène is a dedicated, reliable and versatile consultant. Mylène has conducted numerous applied statistical analysis projects in sectors as varied as finance, retail, customer loyalty and scientific research. Mylène also possesses significant expertise in survey research and is an exceptional trainer. Mylène holds a Master’s in Statistics (2015) from Université de Montréal.

Isabelle Fauteux, M. Sc., Marketing specialist

Isabelle Fauteux is a marketing specialist and has several years of experience in marketing strategy and data analysis. Her diverse experience in various retail marketing sectors, including customer data analysis and marketing campaigns, loyalty (CRM), marketing research and geolocation, allows her to have an excellent understanding of business needs and realities. Creative and results-oriented, Isabelle is a specialist in the popularization and the presentation of analyzes, she will simplify the most complex analyzes to facilitate decision-making. Isabelle holds a Master’s degree in Marketing from the Université de Sherbrooke (2011).

Sébastien Giroux,  M. Sc., MBA  

Sébastien has a vast experience in Customer Intelligence and a fine understanding of its different fields of expertise (CRM, BI, Analytics, GIS and Research). Focusing on results, Sébastien excels at developing business strategies based on client intelligence and also at transposing business needs into technological requirements (CRM, Automation Marketing, Analytics and BI) and analytical roadmaps. He has worked mainly in the field of telecommunications, loyalty programs and retail. He completed a master’s degree in Geography (2001) and holds an MBA from HEC-Montréal (2008).

Marina Doucerain, Ph.D., R specialist

Marina Doucerain, Ph.D., is a postdoctoral research fellow in social psychology at Université du Québec à Montréal. She specializes in quantitative analysis using R and has expertise in a large variety of statistical techniques, ranging from social network analysis to structural equation modelling. Marina has conducted numerous applied statistical analyses in the fields of scientific research and retail. She is also an excellent trainer and has vast experience in teaching data management, analysis and visualization using R. Marina holds an interdisciplinary PhD in Social Science from Concordia University (2015).

Isabelle Trabut, M. Sc., Coordinator