IBM Think 2018: an event that was very interesting

The IBM Think 2018 event has just closed, and it’s the head full of new features that our experts, Jean-François Allaire and Mylène Teasdale came back from Las Vegas.

Big news this year, IBM SPSS Statistics is 50 years old! Under the theme 50 Years of Innovation, IBM is working to modernize the software with a new user interface where many additional features and improvements will be added. As soon as everything is available, updates could then be made on licenses in good standing; We will keep you posted.

As for IBM SPSS Modeler, IBM is working to add a new graphical interface that will offer a greater choice of graphics and make it easier to visualize data.

In terms of user conferences, Jean-François attended the presentation of the insurance company Liberty Mutual Chile which forge ahead  real-time scoring application with IBM SPSS Modeler. This tool allowed them to improve the insurance application pricing process.

Also, an American railroad company, the CIT, presented how to extract strategic information from the Internet of Things using IBM SPSS Statistics. For example, the CIT had sensors installed on their wagons to gather a wealth of information to improve logistics, maintenance and demand.

Furthermore, many technical laboratories were offered. Our expert, Mylène Teasdale, particularly appreciated the one dedicated to the efficiency of automation using Python in SPSS Modeler. This allows scheduling repetitive or manual tasks to optimize the use of SPSS Modeler and improve the efficiency of existing tasks. We are pushing the capabilities of SPSS Modeler to a higher level to do better, and do faster, what we already do (time saving). Moreover, not need to be an advanced Python programmer to use it!

Finally, this event was also beneficial for the consolidation of the links with our customers and various representatives of IBM, but also with our partners who were present. The next year is likely to be a very interesting one, with many business opportunities and collaborations with new organizations.